4 Tips for a Successful Sale

Inman News Features

January 16, 1998

Everyone knows that selling your home can be very stressful and tiring. But does it have to be? Maybe these tips on open houses and accepting offers can ease the dreaded home sale process.

Not everybody wants to meet you
Sellers who can’t leave during a showing should make themselves scarce. Sit in the garden or hide out in your home office. Greet the buyers courteously, then disappear. Under no circumstances should you follow the buyers around your home, hovering while they look.

Closed for the holidays
Making your home available to prospective buyers is imperative, but there may be times when your home can’t be available for showings at all. Most buyers, for example, will understand your need for privacy during the holidays.

Playing the waiting game
If you do elect to wait a period of time before entertaining offers, make sure that your agent informs other agents that this is the plan. It’s best to make your plan known when the property is first exposed to the agents — at the broker’s open house. This allows agents to tell their buyers, before they write an offer, how offers will be handled. It minimizes the risk of buyers withdrawing offers because they’re offended.

Contingency offers not all bad
A non-contingent offer is preferable to one that’s dependent on the sale of another property. But, if your home isn’t selling, a contingent sale offer is worth considering. Particularly if the buyers’ home is more sellable than yours.

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